About sarscov2web

sarscov2web is a bare-bones Web application built with Flask microframework,SQLite3 database management system and deployed to a Linux server,served with Gunicorn/NGINX.

The aim of this application is to organise/arrange/order covid 19 articles based on annotation/entity types as provided europe PMC annotations API. All articles are classified in 22 distinct annotations/entity types namely:

  • Accession numbers
  • Anatomy
  • Biological Event
  • Cell
  • Cell Line
  • Chemicals
  • Clinical Drug
  • Diseases
  • Experimental Methods
  • Gene Disease Relationship
  • Gene Function
  • Gene Mutations
  • Gene Ontology
  • Gene_Proteins
  • Molecular Process
  • Molecule
  • Organ Tissue
  • Organisms
  • Pathway
  • Phenotype
  • Resources
  • Sequence

sarscov2web should be viewed as an index of annotation types that when followed will lead you to the core literature. sarscov2web is not intended to be a search-engine for covid literature.If you want to conduct a search, it is highly recommended you use europePMC or other specialized information retrieval systems such as Pubmed.

The app links to various online biology and medicine databases e.g., europePMC, UniProt,CHEBI,clinicaltrials.gov,European Nucleotide Archive etc The app is simple and very easy to use and can be used by experienced scientists, university students, High school science students and even those without a biology/medicine background.

sarscov2web was coceptualized, designed and developed by Alex Maina, Librarian at the Kenya Medical Research Institute-Wellcome Trust Research Programme and also Chief Curator at afroscholar.